This company was set up to bring like minded gamers into one community


In game rules Trucksbook or VTLog MUST be used You must drive with care and consideration Any more than 10 percent damage on the load wont could to your weekly/monthly count If all your loads are getting damage you may be asked to explain why this is happening On multiplayer, no ramming, no blocking Respect other players Keep CB chat clean Please use our trucks colours on all jobs You must show the VTC Tag within your name upon the TMP account system . For example (WolfPak International) kopite gaming  or (WPI) kopite gaming No hitting the brakes for no reason causing others to run into the back of you When in game don't get to close to another driver, stay about 100 meters away to allow for any lag, Anyone found to be damaging trucks or loads due to dangerous or reckless driving will be given a warning or removed from the VTC and discord.

Convoy Rules No overtaking vehicles unless directed to do so Keep a safe distance between the vehicle in front If you have to press F7 to repair your truck tell us where you are so we can wait for you to rejoin the convoy If we join another VTCs convoy remember they are in charge Any current members or new members will have 24 hours from joining the discord to register on the trucks book or VTLog, if not they will be removed from the discord unless they are partner VTC

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Jobs logged

1,767,903 km

Distance driven

509,444 t

Cargo moved

546,483 L

Fuel used